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DJI Tease A New Product Release

On October 4th DJI released a video teasing a release of a new product. What the product is, we’re yet to find out.


With a recent release of the Mavic Pro Platinum and the Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian, it is likely to be a completely new product. One likely scenario is the release of the highly anticipated DJI Phantom 5, which would make sense as rumours have been buzzing about this product for a while.


If you look closely in the video, you will notice that the shots are taken both on the ground using a stabiliser and in the air using a drone. This could suggest that DJI are releasing a modular device similar to that of the Go Pro Karma.


We know that DJI have the technology to do this, with their highly popular DJI Osmo. If they have found a way to merge these two products, it could bring a new era to filmmaking as we know it.


Only time will tell what DJI are releasing, all we know is that we’re eagerly awaiting the news.

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